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Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19th Summary

Wired LCD Screen Breakout board to the Logmatic v2.

  • Mis-wired the DIO to the MISO pin, had to rewire to the MOSI pin
  • Noticed that the Backlight is quite bright.  Currently the backlight on the 6100 is wired directly to the 3.3v out on Logomatic V2 breakout.  Perhaps it could be wired to a ADC line so that the backlight voltage could be reduced.
  • When the voltage and backlight wires brushed the metal standoff post they got hot quickly, care should be taken to prevent this from happening in the future.
Read numerous guides and APIs on the 6100

  • There isn't a full featured 6100 driver for the LPC2148
  • An area can be defined by 4 serial writes to the device,  to fill that area with color, the color must be written out for each pixel in the area.  
  • The pixels do not need to be addressed individually for each color write.  First define the area, then call the color write (could be in a loop) for the number of pixels in the area. 
  • It seems like the color written can be changed after the area is defined,  this needs to be tested,  if this is the case, writing fonts and game graphics will be much easier.
  • Writing to the screen is imperceptible even with the amount of clock cycles it takes.  There should be little or no flicker in the game graphics.
Implemented and modified a 6100 driver for the LPC2148
  • The make file was causing me grief.  I was reduced to using #includes with full path names.  This should be revisited.
  • There are a lot of pre-built usb libraries.  I need to read these before trying to implement the usb controller.
  • Was able to confirm that the epson display controller is on the LCD that I possess. 
  • Extended driver to draw a red box that changes to green then back to red every 1/3 second.

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