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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The student chose a small accelerometer from Analog Devices.  The ADXL320 is a low cost, low power, dual axis accelerometer with signal conditioned voltage outputs, all on a single monolithic IC. (1)  It can measure acceleration in a full scaler raing of +/- 5g and can measure vibration and gravity (1).

The ADLXL has been used to detect tilt in numerous applications.  Such an application is ideal to controlling a game of Pac-Man. By determining which value has the greatest magnitude the device will be able to control the movement of the main character on the video game.

The breakout board has both the Cx and Cy frequency control pins tied to a 0.1uF capacitor.  According to Table 1.5 on the ADXL320 datasheet the bandwidth of the output will 50 Hz. Rather than have this interrupt the processor, the student will poll these values at regular intervals in an event loop.

ADXL320 Datasheet(1)

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